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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Calculation of cost effectiveness of CD and my own experiences

Cost Comparison (Disposable Diaper vs Washable Diaper):

Annual Expenses for Disposable Diaper

Brand: Maxx Pxxx L-size (56 pcs) @ RM36.00.--> discounted price. Assume: 6 pcs/day.
1 Year = 365 day x 6 pcs/day = 2190 pcs, or 39 packs.
Total Cost = RM1404.--> discounted price, if not will be much higher.

Annual Expenses for Washable Diaper

10pcs set cloth diapers = RM250 - RM300
Water + Detergent + Electricity = RM20 x 12 = RM240
Total Cost = RM490-540

Annual Saving =
RM1404-RM490 = RM914!!!, and imagine the next year no need to buy any diapers
SAVE ANOTHER RM1400++the next year as no need to buy new diapers ( even if you buy another 10pcs also only cost RM300)
And save again another year
And save again for second kids etc -- with just a small fee of maintenance ( tukar mana2 yang dah rosak :) )

BONUS: No Diaper Rash, No disposed diapers, No diaper garbage/landfill...

From my personal experience:
I use Huggies for my 2nd daughter
The best price I can get for 1 pack is rm27.
About 3 packs needed permonth

So RM27 x 36 = RM972

My bamboo CD cost RM250
Water and electricity (as above) = RM 120
First 6 month I use pureen HAD = RM48
Then after that i use the normal kuat harimau/ trojan (very cheap, as CD cannot be wash with detergent having softerner and enzymes etc so buy cheap one is the best :) ) = RM10

So total for CD maintenance: RM428

Savings: 972 - 428 = RM544 !
second year of life, no new CD charge: save RM794.

And it can be use for next child. So next child will be saving more :)

But it's not about the cost that i care most. It's about healthy bums my baby have, no diaper rah, no irritation (like my first daughter who had been on disposable diaper-poor her, if only i know sooner the benefit of CD, particularly bamboo CD :(. )

So marilah beramai-ramai kita try CD.

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