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Sunday, 4 September 2011

What is the fuss about BAMBOO CLOTH DIAPERS??? alternative to AI2?

Why is the fuss of using bamboo/ bamboo charcoal insert?
Because by using bamboo/ bamboo charcoal insert, the insert can be put in the pocket and also on top of the pocket (ai2 style).

Who and why want to use ai2 style?

First, it will benefit for newborn. As we know newborn will poo and pee more frequent. So it will be a lot to wash if we have to change diaper cover each time. Now, we will put the insert on top of pocket, each time baby poo/ pee we can just change the insert easily. Maybe we change insert 2 hrly. And the diaper cover can be use up to 6 hour ( as the quantity of pee and poo is less, it will not soiled the cover).

Second, if we are travelling. Easy if we put the insert on top of pocket if we are about to travel for a long time e.g during hari raya. Easier to clean, just throw insert into wetbag, cover can be use up to 6 hour. But this not recommended for toddlers.

Current ai2 style mostly still expensive. Now by using babyland bamboo charcoal cloth diapers with bamboo charcoal insert, we get both pocket style and ai2 style.

Pocket style important for toddlers esp during travelling as we will put insert in the pocket to make sure it stay in place. Pocket also allow to put double insert in place for more absorption capability. And cutting babyland which is not to big, will give a compact and trim design so even with double insert it will not look so bulky.

So, latest design can be use as both ai2 and pocket, hope this will make cd-ing more enjoyable :)

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