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Saturday, 17 December 2011

7 Big "NO" for Bamboo Fabric


Did you know? Improper wash and care will shorten your diaper's lifespan!

Washing & caring tips for bamboo diaper:

1. Avoid forced scrub, wring/twist the fabric
Bamboo fiber lose some strength when they're soaking wet. Do not scrub too hard or wring or twist the fabric. It will lead to shortened life. Laundry net is recommended if you choose to machine wash your diaper.

2. Avoid sharp objects
Due of its water absorption, wet bamboo fabric increase its weight significantly. If it is hung on the nails, hooks and other sharp objects, it will cause some of the local fibers to fracture easily. Line or flat dry is highly recommended!

3. Avoid high temperature
The maximum temperature for bamboo fabric is only up to 60 degC. We recommend cool/warm water, no hotter than warm (up to 40 degC). Line or flat dry when possible. If you need to tumble dry, please do on low setting (only gentle and cool cycle).

4. Do not boil or soak bamboo fabric in hot boiled water
STOP boiling or soaking in hot boiled water! It will break down your bamboo fabric and shorten it's lifespan!

5. Avoid high concentration of alkaline cleaning agent
Bamboo fiber fabric is delicate and does not withstand strong detergent. Most of the regular detergent in the market is too harsh on bamboo fabric and your baby delicate skin! So be sure to only use a mild cleaning agent when washing bamboo diapers.

6. IMPORTANT: Do not use fabric softeners, as these contain harsh chemicals that will alter the bamboo fabric.

7. Line drying in the sun is best. Machine drying is ok but don’t over do it! Over drying can result in damaged fabrics.

Bamboo fabric is delicate. Please take good care of your bamboo diapers. Always follow manufacturer's washing instructions.

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