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Monday, 9 January 2012

Care for Bamboo Cloth Diapers

Care for Bamboo Cloth Diapers

1st time when you get the CD’s – Prewash

1.      Prewash to remove natural bamboo oils. Best prewash is 6 times with warm water, the first wash can use a bit of detergent.
2.      In between each wash, no need   to wait the CD and insert to become dry, meaning prewash can be done continuously.

How to keep cloth diapers before laundry day

1.      Wash any poops or pee with jet sprayed water. ( Yes, even pee have to be wash away with jet spray water to avoid toxic wee syndrome)
·         What is Toxic wee?
Some children can have extremely acidic urine (especially when teething) that will deteriorate fabric and damage elastic, creating massive holes in the diapers/soakers/boosters. This occur especially during teething period.
2.      If your laundry day is more than 24 hours each time, hang the CD’s and inserts. This to prevent molds.
3.      If you do your laundry everyday, it is okay to collect it in a pail without hanging/ drying it.

How to wash Bamboo CD

1.      Handwash is the best, use detergent without enzyme and softeners. Use  ¼-1/2 amount of the normal washing amount. Make sure to rinse well with water to avoid detergent build up
2.      Washing Machine wash also not a problem! Adjust for a delicate / gentle setting.

Stripwash – When your CD’s start leaking after using it for some times

1.      After some times of using CD’s (usually 6 month and above), sometimes the CD’s start leaking and smell bad even after wash. This due to detergent build up.
2.      For inserts: Soak in warm water mix with sodium bicarbonat  (not boiling!) for 1 hour. If the build up is bad, leave it soaked for several hours. After that, wash with cold water few cycle. Then for second last cycle, just add a little amount of white vinegar. After that rinse well and hang dry.
3.      For CD’s, wash the inner layer with diluted sodum bicarbonat/ dishwashing liquid. Rinse well and hang dry.

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