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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cloth pads (Tuala wanita kain versi moden)

Cloth pads (Tuala wanita kain versi moden)

Dikenali juga sebagai cloth menstrual pad / mama pad.

Our cloth pads made from organic cotton or bamboo charcoal fleece inner. Same material that made the inner of baby diaper.

Say no to chemical and all the irritation before. Say yes to the new range of cloth pads. Please read more as I will explain further.

How to use cloth pads?

First. When you first receive your cloth pads, wash in washing machine with other clothes.

However before you hang it dry, rinse again manually with water to wash off the soap residue.

Ready to use after single wash.

Snap the button at the wing of cloth pad like you place the wing for disposable pad.

Wear the panties with the pad first. Then readjust the position of pad till the most comfortable position.

Change the pad at least 3-4hourly for hygiene purpose. The pad however normally will last about 4 hours even in heaviest day of menses (for Maxi size) .

To fold the pad and keep in wetbag if you are outside the house (picture shown) in the album

When it is time to clean the pad. Spray jet of water to the pad and squeeze the pad until the water become clear, no more blood

Then squeeze excess water and collect in the pail while waiting for washing day.

On washing day. Just put in laundry net and wash with your normal laundry. Most advisable washing day no more than 48hours.

How many pad enough perday?

On basis of 4 hourly change of pad except at night when sleeping, you may require about 4-6pad/day (depends on the flow)

At least pad enough for 3 days supply (about 15 pcs) will be enough for a starter to fully using cloth pads.